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Technical Specifications
  • The screen is 10 square meters comprised of close bridged 12 millimeter pixels.

  • It is configured in a 16:9 ratio matching the broadcasting widescreen standard.

  • The application of new cutting edge technology generates a virtual pixel which improves the resolution over an ordinary P12 LED screen by 400%. In layman’s terms the software instantaneously evaluates four ways to show an image and then overlays them to eliminate the saw effect called pixellation to deliver brilliant resolution.

  • The Big Screen Machine® can be viewed at close quarters and at 15 meters has the clarity of your television but ten times brighter ! It can be viewed at up to 300 meters. The image clarity is unaffected by bright sunshine and rain.

  • The Big Screen Machine® boasts an onboard Behringer SOUND SYSTEM delivering STUDIO quality sound through Carbon Fibre speakers.

  • The Ultimate Marketing Tool that is The Big Screen Machine® can combine with its own purpose built outdoor stage to create that WOW Factor ! for the special event.

  • Mounted on a Mitsubishi Truck the Screen can be elevated by a hydraulic lift over any obstructing fence, vehicles or other object.

  • Set up time is minutes from arrival on site.

  • Relocation is simple and can even be done with the screen still running, for example at a golf tournament.